Tiger Sugar 老虎堂 - Tiger Sugar Malaysia Review

A Complete Review Of Tiger Sugar In Malaysia And Their Wonderful Bubble Tea.

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About Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar (老虎堂) is a popular bubble tea brand orginating from Taichung, Taiwan. It is most well known for it's brown sugar bubble milk tea. According to Says.com, the brand has branches all over Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and of course, Malaysia.

Tiger Sugar first opened in Malaysia in February 2019. Their first outlet was in Sunway Pyramid and now they have opened multiple outlets across the Klang Valley.

Where To Find Tiger Sugar In Malaysia

Currently, as of May 2019, there are 4 outlets.

  1. Sunway Pyramid - LG1.022
  2. Pavilion KL - TL1.109.00
  3. Sunway Velocity - Lot 2-35
  4. Sunway Giza - Lot G11

For some reason, they are located in places that contain the word Sunway. Perhaps Sunway has ownership in some of these businesses

It is very easy to find Tiger Sugar near me using your desktop or mobile device. The fastest way is to Google the words "Tiger Sugar Near Me" or simply click this link.

After you click, Google is going to ask you for your location so it can show you the nearest Tiger Sugar Bubble Tea shops to you.

Click "Allow Location" and you will see the brand names of a few Bubble Tea shops near you. The next question is, which shop should you go to?

Update: We just released the complete guide to finding Bubble Tea Malaysia brands (As of May 2019). Check it out!

What To Drink At Tiger Sugar Malaysia?

The most popular drink at Tiger Sugar is the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream mousse. (RM12.90)

You must try their Boba! They are really big and juicy. They also have pearls which are like the smaller version of Boba. Each to their own I guess.

How To Drink At Tiger Sugar Bubble Milk Tea Drinks?

You can choose to have the pearls/boba cold or hot. You are supposed to invert the cup 15 times before you drink to mix the milk tea well.

Note: You cannot control the sweetness of the Brown Sugar Boba Milk Drink. The sweetness is fixed!

Tiger Sugar Review / Tiger Sugar Rating

How would Bubble Tea Malaysia rate Tiger Sugar? Well, I would rate their most popular drink at 9/10. 9 Because the drink tastes delicious, they use a special japanese milk, and minus one point because you cannot control the sweetness. Get ready to put on weight. Overall, it is great. Try it today!

Tiger Sugar Menu

tiger sugar menu

Here is the full drinks list and prices of Tiger Sugar in Sunway Pyramid.

Tiger Sugar Contact

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TigersugarMsia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tigersugarmsia

Location: Multiple Locations (Pavillion, Sunway Velocity, Sunway Giza, Sunway Pyramid)

Must Try: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream mousse

Tiger Sugar Reviews From Google

Product:Tiger Sugar
Tiger Sugar
Rated 4.2/5 based on 5 customer reviews

Saiful M.Apr 22, 2019

Not many people, except when it did. But the service is fast and good. The tea was not as delocious as I had in Taiwan or even in Korea. Probably because the cream mousse is not the same. So don't expect the same taste.

regina M.Apr 20, 2019

Pavilion less ppl q up .. love the milk tea but not the pearl

David K.Apr 8, 2019

Make sure you shake 15 times! Authentic taiwanese brown sugar pearl milk. Signature brown sugar Boba milk with cream mouse. The more you shake, the more authentic the flavor and more 'qq' the pearls. Super chewy pearls, comes in large and small sizes. You get both chewy larger size bobas and smaller pellet size pearls. The black sugar essentially is gula melaka mixed with milk and cream. Pretty nice! Similar quality as Taiwan and Hong Kong Expect a queue as there are many people that order in bulk

Isaac O.Mar 28, 2019

With all the hype around this and after 3 outlets, I thought this should be something good. Went to the outlet in Pavilion after lunch one day and good thing the queue wasn't long. Like it for the fact that they use Meiji Milk. After about 20 minutes of wait, it was ok. Good not great. I feel the pearls need a bit of work.

Eunice C.Mar 19, 2019

Long wait & Service is quite slow and they have so many workers. But the taste is good and did not let me down. Recommended to drink it after 10 mins (Boba texture will be more chewy)