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Bubble Tea Delivery Malaysia - How To Get Bubble Tea Delivered To Your Doorstep

bubble tea delivery malaysia

Do you have a sudden cravings for bubble tea? Here's how you can get Bubble Tea delivered to your doorstep in Malaysia.

What Bubble Tea Brands Offer Delivery Option? - Updated July 2019

Based on our research, here are the brands currently offering delivery option (By Food Delivery App)

Grab Food (https://www.grab.com/my/food)

  1. Tealive
  2. The Alley
  3. Chatime
  4. Koi Thé
  5. Chun Yang Tea
  6. Holim - Mutiara Damansara
  7. Yumi Bubble Tea
  8. Royal Tea
  9. Shake Shake
  10. myBobaLab - Sea Park
  11. Macao Imperial Tea
  12. 茶丸家 Tea Bubble Malaysia
  13. Moomin Bubbles
  14. Panntea

Foodpanda (https://www.foodpanda.my)

  1. Tealive
  2. Gong cha
  3. Chizu
  4. Koi Thé
  5. Yumi Bubble Tea
  6. Moomin Bubbles

Honestbee (https://www.honestbee.my)

  1. Macao Imperial Tea
  2. Sunnycha
  3. Zododo
  4. OneZo
  5. MuiTea
  6. The Moment
  7. Tea Amo
  8. Panntea (Also delivered via Hungry App)

Note: The Bubble Tea brands available for delivery depends on your location. So if you are too far away from a certain shop, it will not show in your food delivery app. Did we miss out any? Let us know!

Brands Offering Delivery But Not On Any App

Some Bubble Tea brands allow delivery on their own, usually if you order a certain amount. Here are the brands we found offering delivery services:

  1. 2D Cafe
  2. Muyoo
  3. Chaiyo - Soon they will be on Grab

We will add on to this list as we find more brands who offer delivery on bulk orders!

Other Ways To Get Bubble Tea Delivered

Even if a bubble tea brand doesn't offer delivery, you still can get bubble tea delivered to you! How? By using personal concierge / helper apps such as:

To make the most out of this method of delivery, it is better to order drinks in bulk for you and your friends/family.

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